There are 5 crucial things we need to know about COVID-19 and Pregnancy

The pandemic has raised more concerns and uncertainties among pregnant women; How can the growing life and at the same time the health of the mother be protected from this virus?

1 – COVID-19 can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women and new-borns;

The mother’s immune system has to additionally protect the fetus from multiple attacks with 50% foreign DNA. This results in an increased vulnerability to infections.

According to data, a pregnant woman infected with COVID-19 is 2 to 3 times more likely to need intensive care treatment than a non-pregnant woman of the same age and risk factors.

2 – Vaccination against COVID-19 during pregnancy;

Vaccination is definitely the best way to reduce the risks for mothers and babies.

Trials tested 148,500 pregnant women and found that the side effects were very similar to those seen in non-pregnant women and the outcomes in the vaccinated pregnant women were very favourable.

3 – Vaccinations for COVID-19 do not affect fertility or cause an increase in miscarriages;

COVID-19 vaccines do not alter a person’s DNA, or any other genetic materials.

4 – There is no specific phase/trimester during pregnancy that is better to be vaccinated than another;

All experts agree that regardless of the phase of pregnancy, pregnant women should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

In the trials mentioned above, 2400 women were vaccinated in the 1st trimester and no pregnancy losses, growth problems and/or birth defects were reported.

5 – Vaccination protects both mother and new-born from COVID-19 infection after birth;

Once born, the vaccine continues to protect the infants with antibodies, especially in the first few months when they are most vulnerable to infections, and cannot to be vaccinated.

In several studies, the vaccinated mother’s antibodies were found in the umbilical cord blood of the baby, and in the mother’s breast milk.