As we promised in our previous snippet, today we look at the roll out rates of vaccination programmes by continent, reporting the percentage of population fully vaccinated to date:

-North America has fully vaccinated 22.01% of its population,

-In the case of the European Union 11.77% of the population is fully vaccinated,

-In South America it is 6.82% of the population,

-In Asia only 1.81% are fully vaccinated,

-and in Africa only 0.42% of the population is fully vaccinated.

The poor performance of vaccination programmes on continents such as Asia and Africa is jeopardising global efforts. This is because the less people are vaccinated can lead to an increase in the risk of mutating new variants. These new variants can be more dangerous and even resistant to the current vaccines. Therefore, a global effort to protect the most vulnerable populations on the planet results in protecting everyone worldwide.

We can see that the fully vaccinated population of North America and Europe is over 30% of inclination. However, for Asia and Africa it does not exceed 10% of inclination; these are large continents with large populations.

This is a fact that must worry everyone as we all share the same planet.

Keep safe and healthy.