Millions of people in the northern hemisphere are now dreaming of a well-deserved vacation after more than a year of confinement, fears and extreme measures.

Before deciding on a trip, some factors must be taken into account that may help in choosing the destination and routes.

Here are some highly recommended tips:

  • Anyone planning to leave their home area to travel should be fully vaccinated to do so – this will take effect 2 weeks after the last dose of the vaccine.
  • Choose a destination with good health resources, in case you get sick while on holiday (not just with COVID-19), as hospitals in many countries are on the verge of rupture.
  • Make sure that holiday insurance policies cover treatment and evacuation abroad.
  • Review and follow airline and destination country rules regarding testing.
  • Note that in most countries, even fully vaccinated travellers must present a negative PCR test within 48/72 hours of their arrival.
  • It is very important to calculate the number of masks that will be needed per person travelling for the entire trip, as it might be difficult to find Personnel Protective Equipment available at the destination.
  • Whilst on holiday, adhere to local hygiene practices, maintain social distancing measures, avoid crowds and busy places, wear masks correctly, and give priority to hand hygiene – using a hand sanitiser with more than 60% alcohol content.

A few months ago, FEMERAID Air Rescue published the updated recommendations that should be followed for all air travel from check-in to arrival at the destination hotel. We suggest that you check those recommendations before travelling.

Here is the link:

Be safe and enjoy your holidays.