Today we ask another pertinent question: Does a fully vaccinated person still need to quarantine if they have had close contact with a positive case of COVID-19? The answer depends on the level of immunization in the community in which that person resides.

According to current research, the likelihood that a fully immunized person will get sick and die from the disease is much lower. The CDC has reported that at least 4,100 fully vaccinated people have been hospitalized to date in the USA and only a few have died. This is an incredibly low number compared to those who have not yet completed the vaccination.

To recap, fully vaccinated people can still become infected, they can also transmit COVID-19 to others (although this is less likely), and they can also become severely ill and die.

Therefore, the answer to our initial question is that once the community has achieved “herd immunity”, (more than 70% of the population is vaccinated or immune), then the probability of transmission is very low, and being quarantined in this situation makes no sense.

However, in situations where the vaccinated individual is in a community with a low percentage of fully vaccinated people, then yes, this individual must behave as an unvaccinated person and must adhere to the prophylactic quarantine protocols.

Be safe out there!