Europe’s Largest Event for the Preservation of Ancient Traditions

The Hungarian Turan Association, established by the Hungarian-Turan Non-profit Fund, is holding the Kurultaj – Tribal Assembly of the Hun and Turkic nations and peoples on August 12-14, 2022 in Bugac. It is 160 km south of Budapest, in one of the most beautiful Hungarian steppe areas with the largest sand dunes in Europe, at the outskirts of the Kiskunság National Park. This region is one of the centres of the Hungarian shepherd culture and equestrian sports.

Kurultaj – means Meeting of the Tribes, which is not a festival but a celebration, dedicated to Hungarian ancestors and the great figures of steppe nomadic history. It has now become a connecting link that can unite not only all Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin, but it is also the largest gathering of Central Asian peoples who preserve the heritage of the equestrian nomadic culture.

As in previous years, the main patron of the event has been Mr Sándor Lezsák, Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian Parliament.

Over the last 10 years, the largest parade of Hungarians and other nations – culturally and genetically related and protecting the heritage of the horse-nomad peoples of the Central Asian steppes – has become a tradition.

By now, almost all nations with Hun or Turkic origin, or having a sense of such origin, take part in the largest joint celebration with the Hungarians.

During the three-day event, the delegates revive the memories of the nomadic culture of the steppe and pay tribute together to their great ancestors: Atilla, Árpád, Karcig batir, Amir Timur.

The Kurultaj – the Meeting of the Tribes is held every 2 years. In the intervening years, the Day of Ancestors takes place at the same venue, as the largest gathering of Hungarian traditionalists in the Carpathian Basin.

Not only was a huge yurt-village built for Europe’s largest event of equestrian traditions, but permanent program elements have also developed over the years.

This is the traditional parade of 500-600 combat warriors wearing ancient clothing, headdresses, armours and weapons, on horseback and on foot.

Visitors can also see demonstrations of the world’s best horse archers, greyhound and falconry demonstrations. We are also reviving the traditional nomadic trials of strength, so there will be horse and archery competition open to everyone. The Hungarian Pole-Pulling Championships and the Hungarian Belt Wrestling National Championships are also held here.

The largest yurt in the world will house archaeological and anthropological exhibitions presenting the Hungarian – Hun-Avar heritage, while folk music and Hungarian shaman-music will be performed on the stage. The Kurultaj handicrafts fair is one of the best in the Carpathian Basin.

With the number of visitors increasing over the years, it also became necessary to expand the event’s infrastructure. In addition to the 2,000-person shaded outdoor tribune, other facilities such as a baby-mother yurt, a children’s playhouse, resting tents, misting cooling gates and free drinking water are available to guests.

In order to have a stress-free and joyful Kurultaj experience, we recommend attendees to use the tent camp, set up in the event area, equipped with night lighting and hot water showers.

Information and programmes can be found on the official website: