The Autistic Art Foundation has been helping people with autism since 2006, creating a life worthy of human existence for them and emphasising the importance of their social integration.

In nine counties in Hungary, their organisation supports 11 residential homes established by parents affected by autism, where nearly 300 autistic young people and adults – who are unable to live independently – are living for the rest of their lives.

Without the help of Autistic Art’s residential homes and their professional assistance, this predictable system and understanding would disappear forever from the lives of autistic people.

Their mission: Social acceptance of autistic people, conveying their art, uniqueness and special values ​​to the world of non-autistic people. The bridge to connect these two worlds is the Autistic Art brand. With the help of the brand, they develop, sensitise, create value and resources.

All their Autistic Art branded products feature artwork that is created as part of their artistic program.  Drawing workshops allow people in residential care to develop, to enjoy and benefit from their time, to open up through drawing what they might never be able to do with words.

Autistic graphics have an unparalleled character. The drawings, which are largely based on repetitive sequences of movements and structured motifs, give us an insight into a world that is known for its very closeness and elusiveness. Most of the artists do not speak at all, and we are lucky to have a drawing that gives us a closer insight into the universe that we find difficult to imagine for our fellow autistic people.

Since 2008, the Foundation has held exhibitions of the works created during the sessions and since 2010 it has also organised charity auctions, where the works created during the art programs are auctioned off and the proceeds are used to maintain and improve the 11 homes for autistic people.

On the 17 October 2022, the annual Charity Auction will once again be organised with personal participation, where in addition to drawings made by autistic artists, around 50 contemporary works of art and jewellery, household items, clothes, bags and hats designed by nearly 50 designers will go under the hammer. It will be a perfect harmony of Art – Design – and Charity at the House of Hungarian Music.

Date: 17 October 2022 (Monday)

Start: 18:00

Venue: House of Hungarian Music (Magyar Zene Háza)



You can also bid on the auction items online, after registration, at this link: 

Auction procedure:

The live online auction can be found at this link:

During the auction, items are listed in the order they appear in the catalogue. The system will continuously display the starting price of the item, the current price and the amount of the next bid in the top bar. If you click on the Send next bid button, the system automatically submits your bid.

In the bar below the amount, the system indicates in green if yours is the highest bid and in purple if you have been outbid.

3 hammer marks appear before each item is knocked down. The first hammer signal indicates “first”, the second hammer signal “second” and the third hammer signal “third”. Bidding is possible for the last time at the 2nd hammer signal, when the third hammer signal appears, the batch is complete.

How can a responsible company join their mission?

• By making a one-off and/or regular financial contribution (

• Joint product development

• By organising fundraising CSR programs

• By participating in the annual auction gala

Thank you for your help and cooperation!