Success Day of Forever Living Products Hungary Ltd. on the 28th August 2021 at the BOK Sports Hall in Budapest

Forever Living Hungary Ltd. held its traditional offline business meeting for the first time this year at the BOK Sports Hall in Budapest. The aim of the event was to provide the company’s Business Owners with quality presentations, as well as to acknowledge the excellent results of the past period on stage. The brilliance of this great event was enhanced by the presence of excellent speakers, performers and a truly exclusive guest.

The event was opened by Dr. Sándor Milesz, Grand Officer of the Knights of Malta (KMFAP), European Grand Chancellor and Grand Cross Knight of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus – Knights of Sword and Silence, who stressed in his welcome speech that this year, for the first time in Europe, such a large-scale business meeting was held offline in Hungary. He also expressed his thanks and love to Rex Maughan, the founder of Forever Living Products International, who recently passed away, leaving behind an unrepeatable legacy and life journey. …

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