The most magical times of the year are just around the corner; Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year festivities are soon upon us. These events promote gatherings of the whole family and friends, several generations together, and thus groups of people with different levels of protection against COVID-19.

We are also in a race against time to avoid causing a big headache and major problems for health services globally. The number of new infections with COVID-19 is rising again every day.

Common sense is needed from us all in order to make the right decisions about how to celebrate the festive season safely. Our Femeraid Air Rescue Team has therefore decided to offer some tips on how to do this when you are travelling or planning a get-together with family and friends:

  • Take the COVID-19 booster and flu vaccine at least 15 days before the scheduled events, particularly important for the most vulnerable and those at risk of serious illness;
  • Try to reduce meetings in closed places with unvaccinated people;
  • Promote taking the rapid test of all vaccinated and unvaccinated guests on the day of the celebration;
  • Do not forget that many children have not yet been vaccinated and can still carry the virus even if they have no symptoms;
  • When travelling by public transport (bus, train, plane) always use N95 masks (avoid cloth masks), and be careful and rigorous with hand disinfection;
  • If someone is sick, that person should isolate and NOT join the rest of group.

Protect those you love most now because there will be many more festivities to celebrate together in the coming years.

Keep Everyone Safe.