Facts versus Myths about COVID-19

Like all subjects affecting humanity, this pandemic has created streams of disinformation. These urban myths only serve to foster confusion and fear, and in fact to steer people away from understanding the essential facts and guidelines that must be accepted and followed.

The FEMERAID Air Rescue Team is extremely concerned about the multitude of incorrect information circulating. Therefore, after a year with this pandemic, we would like to clarify what is true and what has been scientifically proven so far.

We will have to live with this virus for many more months and even years, so the facts and recommendations described below are fundamental to understand:

– You are unable to destroy the COVID-19 virus in your throat by pouring/drinking litres of warm water with lemon or ginger; the only consequences are better hydration and more frequent toilet visits.

– If no one in your home is infected with COVID-19, then there is no need to sanitise your home – it is a home, not an operating room.

– Shopping trolleys, doorbells and elevator buttons do not cause infections on their own – simply wash or disinfect your hands after use to reduce the risk of contamination.

– COVID-19 is not an infection caused by food, but rather by airborne droplets – there is absolutely no evidence that food can transmit the virus – if you have any doubts, wash or cook the foodstuffs concerned.

– As soon as you enter your home, leave your shoes by the door – you don’t have to rush to the shower and change clothes urgently – just bathe and wash regularly.

– The air you breathe in open and ventilated areas is not contaminated with the virus – when you are out walking, you need to keep walking, avoiding crowds or enclosed spaces.

– The virus is made inactive with the use of soap and water – you don’t have to shower with alcohol gel or bacterial soap. (COVID-19 is caused by a virus, NOT by bacteria.)

– Regarding the vaccines and the rare blood clotting side effects reported – the contraceptive pills have a higher risk of clotting problems than the vaccines in circulation.

– The probability of carrying the virus on your shoes is lower than being hit with lightning, according to studies – good health practice recommends not to wear street shoes inside the home.

– Vinegar, Ginger, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are good for your immune system – they will not, in themselves, protect you from the virus, or kill the virus.

– Using gloves for daily tasks is not recommended, because if said gloves become contaminated, this will lead to the contamination of other surfaces – CGT recommends frequent hand-washing and whenever changing tasks.

– If a person stays in a sterile environment, it weakens the immune system and leads to increased exposure to future infections.

The following facts are the required tools to better shield and protect you and your loved ones:

– The correct use of face masks (covering both mouth and nose) in closed environments and whenever you are close to people outside your home.

– Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 30 seconds, especially when changing tasks/areas.

– Avoid sugar, fried foods for controlling weight as obesity can cause more severe reactions to COVID-19.

– Exercise regularly, using your lung capacity.

– Be vaccinated against COVID-19, even with the controversial side effects reported, because the vaccines are extremely effective in fighting this virus.

Be reasonable, Stay safe.