We are wondering whether we are actually suffering from 2 pandemics instead of one?

Our feeling is that we have failed once again to control the COVID-19 virus due to the second pandemic; the lack of global collaboration in the fight.

We can see the results very clearly with the emergence of a new variant due to:

  • the lack of cooperation and planning on a global scale,
  • the very unequal distribution of vaccines – some countries having acquired 500% more vaccines than they needed, and others only having access to less than 5% of what is required.

This situation has left the COVID-19 virus on the loose, enabling it to mutate in those countries with a low group immunity, in effect to use the population as a “virus” laboratory to produce stronger mutations.

There are also countries reporting a lack of needles and shortages of syringes, as well as not enough access to the vaccines.

The world has failed in implementing a global strategy, and above all we have failed in our ability to work together.

The COVID-19 virus is giving a lesson to humanity; the need of how to work better together, and how to become stronger by not looking at geographic location, race or nationality.

We must overcome the pandemic of ignorance and intolerance and only then we will be able to fight the pandemic of this virus.

Stay safe and healthy!