Edited by Anna Popper

A successful exhibition opening with many people as a great event goes on in one of the most important buildings of Miami at the moment, the Aston Martin Residences, on 6 April 2022. The cheers, the smiling faces, all the surprised eyes that look for the connections of the many kinds of artwork painted by an artist know nothing about the almost four months of work put into this event so it can shine for one night.

Four months earlier, Peter Polyak, a multi-award-winning luxury real estate videographer and production director showed up at the house of Jacques Claudio Stivelman real estate developer. After meeting with the realtor Cristiano De Moraes Teixeira, they walked through the house to make a plan of how to present the building that soon becomes available for sale. They could not leave unnoticed the amazing art collection on the walls. Talking about art, Peter’s original profession as a fine art painter was revealed.

Later Cristiano looked at Peter’s website where all the paintings can be viewed and being amazed by the quality art he saw, he decided to talk to Peter about a possible exhibition. Cristiano’s connections reach as far as Brazil, yet old connections link him back to Miami’s most important landmark that’s growing and almost finished in the heart of the city, the Aston Martin Residences.

Cristiano started organising the event by reaching out to Natalie Brabner, Realtor Associate at Aston Martin. Meanwhile Peter asked for help for the future event of Sir Jose “Pepe” Diaz, his “brother” in the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta. Like chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Peter also had Sir James Angleton who did his part in organising the event by coordinating some key details with Fanni Sarkozy, Peter’s wife. Fanni, a successful and very busy international recording artist, simply became her husband’s “secretary” for the time of preparation, allowing Peter to focus on completing the paintings that were specially made for this event. In some unique types of paintings, called “Real Diamonds”, the highlights in the eyes of the portraits are actually real diamonds drilled into the Clay-board of the artwork. Peter met up with Jackie Abraham to figure out the special work involved with the gemstones. The jeweller got excited by the idea and from that moment on helped finish the artwork project with a tight deadline. Running out of time to get everything ready for the art show, Peter met Fernando Fernandez, artist and framer who pushed past his limits to realise the framing and setting up the exhibition.

Peter says that as a beginner businessman he has been learning how to realise a project step by step. He points out that working as an artist it is much different. Creating art has not much to do with making exhibitions, which give art lovers a chance to enjoy and benefit from an artist’s creation. Since a fine art painter shapes “dreams” to become a form of reality, he or she needs a great amount of help, guidance and physical work from others to make an art show, an exhibition or any event happen. Peter was lucky to meet another dreamer Cristiano, who took action and organised all the activities of a dozen people who had helped create the event. The level was even lifted by the expected presence of Romero Britto, the worldwide known artist, who actually could not make it to the event due to illness.

The exhibition evening was crowned by the Mayor of Miami, Francis X. Suarez, who – at the invitation of Sir Jose “Pepe” Diaz – proudly became part of the opening with his speech. Peter Polyak’s exhibition confused all his guests for good by showing an extremely versatile line of paintings, ranging from Baroque-style compositions to modern ways of creating a work of art.

As Peter said: “Without the limitless help of others there would be no exhibitions, specially not at this level…”. He then became part of an art group led by Fernando Fernandez and Buro79Wynwood. The group is getting ready to showcase their artworks at the Red Dot Art Fair (30 November – 4 December 2022), which is one of the key venues of Art Basel Miami, ranking as the premier art show of the Americans.

A selection of paintings by Peter Polyak:

Peter Polyak – the young artist

Website: https://peterpolyakart.wixsite.com/2021

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