Fascinating Photo Exhibition at the Polish Embassy in Budapest

Edited by Anna Popper

Thanks to the joint effort, spearheaded by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Budapest and the Polish National Tourist Office, an open-air photo exhibition entitled “Poland – More Than You Expected” was inaugurated on 19 March 2024.

The event witnessed the presence of Hungarian officials, diplomats, esteemed friends of Poland, as well as Polish nationals residing in Hungary.

Mrs. Katarzyna Ratajczak-Sowa, head of the Embassy’s Political and Economic Department, unveiled the exhibition following a presentation of its concept by Mrs. Melinda Farkas, representing the Polish National Tourist Office. This initiative aims to showcase Poland’s lesser-known, yet noteworthy tourist attractions, inviting visitors to discover the country’s hidden gems.

The exhibition on the fence of the Polish Embassy in Budapest offers a glimpse into Poland’s hidden treasures through a series of captivating photographs. From the intriguing Crooked Forest, the 1000 Masurian lakes to the charming painted houses of Zalipie, and from the fabulous Moszna Palace to the historically significant Biskupin Fortress, visitors are invited to explore Poland’s diverse and extraordinary destinations.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the village of Kruszyniany, home of the Polish Tatars, a community rich in cultural heritage. These less-explored sights testify to Poland’s rich history and vibrant traditions.

The photos, carefully curated to showcase Poland’s unique allure, serve as an invitation for visitors to delve deeper into the country’s cultural tapestry. This temporary exhibition promises an enriching journey of discovery, encouraging visitors to uncover Poland’s lesser-known but equally enchanting destinations, and aims to foster a deeper appreciation for the country’s cultural heritage and diverse landscapes.

Until August 2024, enthusiasts and curious explorers alike will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty and mystery of Poland’s hidden gems.

Source: Embassy of Poland in Budapest

Photos by DPA