Like art itself, its benefits can last a lifetime.

Edited by Anna Popper

The “Pirosmani and Wine” event, organised by the Embassy of Georgia in Budapest on the 19th July 2023, was a special occasion dedicated to the renowned Georgian artist Niko Pirosmani (1862–1918). Pirosmani’s talent and artistry were not fully appreciated during his lifetime, but posthumously he gained significant recognition and international reputation.

The event took place at the premises of the French Institute in Budapest and aimed to raise awareness of Georgian art and wine. H.E. Mrs. Tamara Liluashvili, Ambassador of the Republic of Georgia to Hungary introduced the life and work of Niko Pirosmani to the guests. In particular, she shared the story behind the creation of his painting entitled “Actress Margarita” of French origin.

During the event, participants took part in a unique activity: they painted their own reproductions of Pirosmani’s artwork under the guidance of Ms. Marysia Ananiewska, an instructor from Paint and Drink – Budapest, Ljubljana.

The event also had elements of art therapy, a creative process to improve well-being through artistic expression. It allowed participants to unleash their hidden artistic skills, foster a sense of motivation and self-improvement, and increase their self-esteem. The ambiance was inspiring as the event was held outdoors near the magnificent Danube River, with the iconic Parliament building in the background. The relaxed mood and the soul music also contributed to the enjoyable atmosphere.

The terrace of Troquet Bistro at the French Institute in Budapest provided an excellent setting for the event. It brought together various members of the Diplomatic Missions and members of the Diplomatic Spouses Budapest community accredited to Hungary, and two charming little Georgian girls who may be the artists of the future, as well as media representatives, including Anna Popper – President of the Diplomatic Press Agency.

The highlight of the event was the recognition of H.E. Mr. Christo Polendakov, Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria to Hungary, and Ms. Noémi Pálfalvi, Acting Director of International Relations at Mathias Corvinus Collegium – MCC, who were awarded a bottle of Georgian wine each for producing the best reproductions of Pirosmani’s work, which added a touch of friendly competition and acknowledgment of the participants’ artistic efforts, who all enjoyed very much this excellent initiative and experience with lasting benefits.

Overall, the “Pirosmani and Wine” event successfully combined art, culture, and the appreciation of Georgian wine, creating an unforgettable and uplifting experience for all involved. Through the unique blend of artistic expression, cultural appreciation, and the joy of wine, the event provided a positive and enriching session for everyone present, allowing them to consider themselves winners in their journey of art therapy and creative exploration.

In addition to the art and creative aspects, the event highlighted the significance of Georgian wine. While painting, the attendees had the opportunity to taste fine snacks and excellent Georgian wines, which come from one of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world, the history of which dates back to 6000 BC.

Source: Embassy of Georgia in Budapest

Photos by the Embassy of Georgia and DPA